Bi-Folding Door Repairs

Thanks to the space saving solution, a bi-fold door is often preferable to swing doors, which require significant clearance either side of the doorway. And in terms of ease of access, whether for disabled access in a hospital, or to deal with a large amount of people coming and going as in a shop or office, the bi-fold doors we offer are fully automated.

Our expert team have all the knowledge to ensure that once you have invested in a bi-fold door, we can keep it in perfect condition with our tailored maintenance & repair plans. With years of experience, we can provide a full serving and repairs service that will restore faulty doors to full function in no time.

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Bi-Folding Door Repair 24 Hour Support

Bi-Folding Door Repairs

There are numerous benefits to having high quality bi-folding doors and they are particularly well suited to areas where space is at a minimum. This is because they pull outwards or inwards only a little before moving to the sides and allowing entrance or exit.