PVC Strip Curtain Repairs

Strip curtains block out a wide range of nuisances which can disrupt productivity and concentration, including extraneous noises, extremes of temperature, drafts and dust. So for an affordable, versatile option for entrances with a wide range of positive attributes, talk to us about bespoke PVC strip curtains.

Maintenance, Repairs, Replacements

Transparent PVC strip curtains are also useful in reducing hazards and limiting health and safety risks as any obstacles will be visible through the curtains. That’s why it’s essential to ensure they are properly maintained and any repairs are dealt with as soon as possible, whether it’s in an industrial freezer, supermarket or factory. We offer a 24 hour support service that will ensure a swift response to any call for assistance, so you aren’t inconvenienced for longer than necessary.

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24 Hour Support PVC Strip Curtain Repairs

PVC Strip Curtain Repairs

PVC curtains are an affordable and energy saving access solution, suitable for use in a number of different environments, including commercial & industrial premises.