Sliding Door Repairs

Electric doors allow people to enter and exit premises quickly and simply, thanks to improved accessibility and employee satisfaction through ease of building access. We can provide professional assistance with them all to satisfy all of your requirements.

Sliding Door Maintenance

Our team can provide a well manufactured and reliable automatic door to the highest of standards. These doors can be fully maintained using our tailored servicing, maintenance and repairs plans. These offer comprehensive cover against any faults occurring, thereby keeping your purchase in peak condition throughout its lifetime. Our 24 hour phone line for repairs has always been a major aspect to our excellent services and this will ensure that any faults you are suffering from can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

To learn more about our range of sliding doors and the materials and mechanisms which can be applied to your perfect door, call Access Innovations today on 0800 859 5287 for assistance with Sliding Door Repairs.

We always know where the nearest engineer is!

All our vehicles are tracked using Navman Tracking and the latest Android technology.

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Sliding Door Repairs 24 Hour Support

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Automatic sliding doors, whether in shops, hospitals, offices, leisure venues & more will be repaired by our qualified engineers in a minimum amount of time.